Cynthia Heier


Geneva took on the difficult task of helping my father, then 86 years old, sell a very specialized property with many limitations to selling it.  One of the limitations was my Dad’s deep love of his Duck Club. Dad had been a member for over 30 years and the value he placed on the club was based on his person experience of it, which was not measurable by normal standards.  That was a lot of emotion attached to this property for my dad. The other limitation was due to Club rules and regulations. Geneva was able to find and create an agreement between my father and two different prospective buyers over about 8 years. For various reasons not pertaining to Geneva, the Club fell out of escrow both times.  During this time my dad was aging, he lost his sight and his hearing, and he moved homes four times.  Geneva was unwavering in her commitment and patience in working with my dad.  She supported him not only in selling his precious duck club, but also personally by visiting him several times at his home which was two hours away from where Geneva worked and lived.


Geneva finally closed the deal of the sale of the duck club in March of 2015. A month before that my father had fallen and broken his neck, which made the closing of escrow all that more challenging.  Geneva was ever present and patient and caring towards my father. Geneva visited my dad at his home only a few weeks before he passed away in March of 2014. Dad was 94 years old. Then Geneva drove two hours to attend his celebration of life a month later; a year after the sale of the club was finished.  Geneva definitely went above and beyond the expectations of a real estate agent to attend to my dad’s many needs. He really trusted her and they developed a very close personal relationship.  I personally appreciate all she gave my dad over the years.